Chernobyl Democracy

How does one cope

in the middle of apocalypse,

democracy embers sending up

small gasps for air

in a place where fantasy is science

and math is debatable,

willed by the people.

Their power used as a shield

to deflect all intelect

and even common decency.

Rioting for nothing

but selfies and vandalism

and the behest of the richest

boy in middle school.

What is the answer of how to

take lawlessness, based on

illogic, and show powerful caring

while staunchly in quarantine?

Where are the answers for what we tell

the children, who ask why, demand proof

and those responsible do not?

There must be a cabin, far into

the wilderness, where the stillness

of the winter air and the lullabies

of mother owls ease our souls to safety.

And the endless noise, bringing anger

and anxiety through the channels

of information just ceases to exist.

The apocalpyse pauses.

To rebuild those synapses,

and empty the soul of

the toxicity compounded.

Waiting for spring.

Waiting for spring.

Vampires really are a superior being,

with a well-needed purpose. After- all,

they’re really just sex monsters, luring

women to do the thing they quite

possibly do best. Martyrdom.


For what’s┬áthe cost of a little blood

in exchange for a man who

pursues you relentlessly, or at least

pays attention to you. Not a very modern problem

for contemporary women. Even Lucy

Westenra was willing to trade her life and

blood for a man who would actually

treat her like an immortal, both in

and out of the coffin.


Mortal men say we are so complicated,

difficult to please, but the truth is that

even men in capes who shun moonlight

are sometimes more of an ideal because

they at least pause with their hunter’s

instinct to study us, be captivated by our

words and movements. And, let’s face it,

they seem to know the perfect spot

on our necks. And for that, we’d quite

literally give them anything in return.



Connecticut Birds

Day breaks.

Circling seagulls

and cautious pigeons

soar over the neighborhood park

geese fly over the gold and crimson

trees in a group

missing the steeples and tall brick


even the worms are buried below

the hardened ground

and the fish can swim freely

under the icy sky of

the frosty river

but the man in the park

who took one too many

needles last night

to just dull the pain

of living a meaningless, unfair life

invites the vultures in

and other curious


to take what the frost has not

stiffened already,

and help them

fight their way

into living

another frigid day.

Into the Great White Purposelessness

When we all line up,

Range Rover after Range Rover after Audi

So that Tina and Chad have safe rides

To the championship soccer team

Which plays for the expensive

Private school which is just a gateway

To the Ivy League college which

Will finally make our dreams come true

As they pull in six figures and a home in


And we can take matching pictures

In denim shirts and whale print shorts

On the beach with the grandkids

So that they know

The value of their lives exists in a

Dollar sign and the traditions laid down

The same cobblestone path

We have toiled, leaving all individual purpose,

At the gate of our Cape Cod McMansion

In charming Farfield, darling.